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Social Services

Social Services

Most Latin American immigrants who come to Canada are often fleeing the oppression of tyrannical political regimes and economic turmoil. They leave their struggles behind only to be overwhelmed once more by a culture that is completely foreign. Unable to communicate in English or secure meaningful sources of employment, accompanied with other social pressures, the immigrant families face uncertainty and insecurity.

Having walked in their shoes, Monsignor Hernan Astudillo and the founding members of the Community Centre, created the organization to ease the pressure and provide support and hope. The Centre has several programs designed to help new immigrants and other members of the community to integrate into the Canadian society.

Services offered by professional social workers, psychotherapists and lawyers, (who are also volunteers) oversee the following programs:

Immigration consultation and workshop

Anger management workshops

Drug and substance abuse counselling and workshops

Individual, couples, family and group counselling

The Centre also provides the following to support our community:

  • Seniors’ club
  • Youth club
  • Mobile clinic
  • Extensive volunteer program to serve the needs of the community centre and its projects
  • Information to obtain contact for social assistance supports
  • Information about prevention of violence against women
  • Contacts with Shelters for the protection of women, men and youth
  • Job search assistance
  • Information for vulnerable people about dental hygiene, mental health, community clinics, hospitals and doctors
  • Information on food banks, community centers and welfare in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)