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Our Sense of Community


As Latin American countries have their own linguistic and cultural nuances, if it isn’t the soulful strains of the guitar or the idiosyncrasies of the Spanish language, it most certainly is the message of caring that draws the Hispanic community to the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre. Founded by Monsignor Hernan Astudillo, the Centre, which is totally self-sustaining, was established to provide a safe space for the Latin American immigrant and for the preservation of the Latin American culture in Canada. With close to 300 active and 500 occasional members, which include children, youth, adults and seniors, we strive to preserve, promote and share the rich Latin American culture and traditions.

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Art, Music & Culture

While the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre aids with the transition process, it also plays an active role in promoting and preserving the Latin American cultural legacy.  In order to preserve our cultural heritage, we conduct art, dance, music, theatre and Spanish language classes for the next generation. In this context, our performing arts group called “Taller Cultural Surco” has been a successful mechanism in the creation of awareness about our Andean origins.

Combining youth and adult bands and dance groups, “Taller Cultural Surco” has performed traditional Andean folk music and dance at various cultural events in Toronto and its neighbouring towns. As the rhythms of its dance and music become popular, the invitations to perform at various cultural events continue.

In the past, the SLLACC has brought art teachers from Ecuador to exchange Latin American heritage and teach Andean and Caribbean instruments, music, theatre and dance to the local community.

If you are interested in having your children learn more about South American folklore, we have dance classes in the basement of the church every Friday, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for children; and, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 for the youth.  This is a wonderful way for them to learn about their culture and to meet other young Latino children and youth.

Education Programs

Our educational programs aim to provide practical assistance and effective support to our members. The programs span different areas of interest to the community and are designed with an emphasis on those who are disadvantaged due to language or communication barriers, age, immobility, disability, isolation, and limited access to social programs and wellness.

Programs for Children

  • Children’s Radio Programs
  • Dance Lessons
  • Music Classes
  • Summer Camps

Programs for Young Adults

Community Volunteer Programs at the San Lorenzo Community Centre, La Iglesia San Lorenzo, Radio Voces Latinas and the Caravan of HopeStudent Volunteer Programs (educational credit hours) for High Schools, Technical Institutes and Universities

Senior Adult Programs

  • Birthday celebration
  • Crafts Classes
  • Diabetes Prevention Classes
  • Mental Health Classes (Via CHHA 1610 AM)
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Physical Exercise Classes
  • Sex Education Classes
  • Summer Walks
  • Weekly Community Engagement Meetings

Programs for the General Public

  • Administrative Skills Development Courses at the Community Center and Latin Voces Radio (CHHA 1610 AM)
  • Disease Prevention Training (diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.)
  • First Aid Training
  • Folk Dance Classes
  • Mental Health Classes
  • Workshops on Community Participation
  • Workshops on Social Inclusion
  • Zumba Classes

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