22 Wenderly Dr, North York
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22 Wenderly Dr, North York, ON

Welcome to the San Lorenzo Anglican Parish

A place of faith and the home of hope. At the corner of Wenderly Drive and Dufferin Street, in the city of Toronto, there is a small chapel. It has no tall sphinxes, no magnificent Gothic arches, no elaborate stained-glass windows. It is just one more parish, in the middle of a large and bustling avenue in the city. However, within its humble walls there is abundant wealth. Not of gold, not of silver, but of faith, hope and love.

A Retrospective Look

The San Lorenzo Community is a people’s-based non-profit, solidarity, faith, arts and educational organization legally established in Toronto, Ontario in 2004 to bridge the gap between Latin Americans residing in Ontario and Canadians through the language of trust, spiritual harmony, heritage, cookery, dance and music.

The Community is located at the intersections of Dufferin Street and Wenderly Drive (Dufferin St. And Lawrence Ave. W – North York, ON), and it offers to the public a varied menu of Spanish and English language programming.

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Community Engagement

Inspired by the Patron Saint Lawrence who said “The poor are the treasures of the church”, Monsignor Hernán Astudillo along with his treasures; The San Lorenzo family and the Latin American community have been the architects in the construction of several humanitarian projects such as the Caravan of Hope, the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Center and Radio Voces Latinas, that today are an integral part of the Community. San Lorenzo and a real pride for the Hispanic speakers of Toronto.

Mamma Caya’s Food Bank

The Parish offers community members the support of Mamma Caya’s Food Bank which was established in 2003 in response to the requests of many new immigrants who were in great need. Over the years, the demand for assistance has increased and we are fortunate that, with the generous donation of fresh and dry food items by several Canadian companies, the Food Bank is still able to continue serving the community.

The food bank was created in blessed memory of Mamma Caya Fuentes, a dignified and dynamic woman who had the courage of an angel and the spirit of a lion. She was the soul of the Parish, proudly taking her position every Sunday at the altar. Sadly, Mamma Caya passed away in 2004 at the age of 86, however, her spirit and “Alegria de Vivir” will always be with us. The miracles continue with Mamma Caya’s Food Bank! The food bank distributes goods once a week and registration with the Church Secretary is required ahead of time.

Popular School of Education

Liberation Theology is a movement that gained strength amongst the impoverished masses of Latin America in the latter half of the 20th century. In societies besieged with political unrest, the church was the only viable community organization. Latin American pastors soon realized that it was blasphemous to care for people’s souls while ignoring their needs for food, shelter and human dignity. Spearheaded by the church, Liberation Theology encouraged the struggle for equality and justice.

One of the main proponents of this movement was the late Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, an El Salvadorean Bishop who had dedicated his life to championing the cause of the underprivileged against the ruling establishment. Inspired by his work, the school is a forum for reflection on the community’s daily existence, history and solidarity amongst the various Latin American groups. It is a platform that preaches of love and compassion. It provides an academic education from the historical, sociological, anthropological perspectives and the cultural vision of Jesus Christ.

The goal of the School is to educate, guide and direct this immigrant community through the philosophy of liberation in the context of the new cultural reality.

Services & Blessings

In-Person Mass (When Permitted)

Sunday: 10.00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm

Virtual Mass

Thursday:  8:00 pm

The Parish offers ritual blessings of homes, businesses and cars and also offers baptism, communion, and confession.